Lots of false widows in my house

Sighting location: latitude: 50.8727 longitude: 0.0072

Submitted by: Moray Coulter


We have tens, perhaps hundreds, of false widows in our rather rickety old house. We have a victorian conservatory in dilapidated condition which really is the place-of-no-return for wandering bees, wasps, butterflies and moths because it has so many false widows around the glass. There are two resident false widows in my office window frame, about three feet from the keyboard I’m writing on. I watch them while I’m working, or perhaps they watch me. I’ve only been bitten
once, by a juvenile one. Honestly, I quite like them, they look amazing with that skull shape on their backs, they steer clear of humans and are very good at dealing with unwanted bluebottles in the house. Their webs are totally haphazard messes, quite unlike the fine works of art created by UK domestic spiders!