False widow spider webThe web of the false widow can be best described as an irregular tangle of silken fibres. This is true of most members of the Theridiidae family, which are know as ‘Button Spiders’. The false widows belong to a larger group of spiders known as the tangle web spiders although the web of the false widow is also described as a scaffold web. The most common of the false widows in the UK, Steatoda nobilis makes its web from particularly strong silk.
The web will also usually have a tubular section extending into a crack or hole where the spider can hide during the day – this is referred to as a retreat.

This irregular cobweb is usually found at some height off the ground. In the case of the photo above it was over a skylight in an outbuilding.

In common with some other genera of spider the false widows have a comb-like set of serrated bristles on their hind legs which they use to pull silk bands from the spinnerets.

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