False Widow Spider sighting

Sighting location: latitude: 51.8169 longitude: 0.7301

Submitted by: S Hausrath


Small False Widow Spider found in my office on my computer monitor.

2 thoughts on “False Widow Spider sighting”

  1. Um is this some kind of joke? Not only are these things literally everywhere, there are also around 6 or more types of False Widow existing in Britain.

    In Bath and Bristol the Crescent and spot variety appear in their hundreds and when they enter your home they will fill your sofas and behind your radiators and replace all other species to the point where you dont even get a daddy long legs any more. When we moved house we hoovered about 100 of them from the sofa in one go. It was like a scene from ‘Arachnophobia’ (the classic horror film).

    If I had to put a timescaled sighting on a map I’d circle the whole of Bath and write “the last 10 years” as the time. I know from the newspapers that they 100% live everywhere in the south of britain and over the last 10 years they have been propagating north at an alarming rate only kept back by the cold.

    • Loads in Southampton as well. Also (melanistic?) totally black ones that look exactly like black widows [or maybe they are black widows – it’s warm and dry here]. They make messy webs under the tin sheet roofing on our shed and lurk in corners etc.. The black ones actually look pretty scary.


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